The Riches of Paris

The Riches of Paris

A Shopping and Touring Guide

Maribeth Clemente


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Long considered the epitome of all that is chic, glamorous, and desirable, Paris is every shopper's dream. But even the most indefatigable shopper is sure to be overwhelmed by the embarras de richesses. In The Riches of Paris, Maribeth Clemente shares her insider's knowledge of the choicest boutiques, restaurants, wine cellars, and auctions to help you find endless treasures. Whether you're looking for designer fashions, Limoges china, the finest perfumes, the best Bordeaux, or just browsing, The Riches of Paris is an indispensable guide for making your visit to Paris enjoyable and unforgettable.


Maribeth Clemente:

MARIBETH CLEMENTE, author of The Chic Shopper's Guide to Paris and The Riches of France, is a former Paris shopping consultant and currently host of the biweekly half-hour talk radio show, Travel Fun. A longtime resident of Paris, Clemente now lives in Telluride, Colorado.