Dictionary of Mysticism

Dictionary of Mysticism

Frank Gaynor


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Dictionay of Mysticism provides concise definitions for over 2,200 terms used in many philosophies, religions, and doctrines which relate to the influence of the superhuman and supernatural on man’s everyday life. Terms relating to esoteric philosophy, occultism, religious mysticism, spiritualism, alchemy, and psychical research are defined. Particular attention is given to the Oriental philosophies of Buddhism, Brahmanism, Sufism, Lamaism, Zoroastrianism, Theosophy, and Cabbalism. Also included are terms used in magic and demonology.


Frank Gaynor:
Frank Gaynor is an editor, author and translator of over twenty books which cover a very broad range of subjects, including many books on science. He was specifically a gifted translator from German.