The Witches’ Coven

The Witches’ Coven

Tools and Activities

Tamara Von Forslun


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Witchcraft is far more than just spellcraft and celebrations. It is about honouring the ancient tradition and all the witch tools and fellowship that kept the tradition alive through the burning times before it was reawakened in the twentieth century. The Witches’ Coven will help you discover the secrets, the origins, and the symbolism behind every tool of the witch. Each tool has a magickal purpose as a key within our magick circle, which is the temple of the Goddess and the God of Nature. Each tool is also a sacred key to a specific magickal power that acts as a conduit for either electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, or alchemical change with one’s will. Many modern witches are not aware of these ancient tools, which are as important today as they were thousands of years ago, both for solitary witches and for full working covens. The coven fellowship is a committed working spiritual family and is more important now in the twenty-first century than it was in the past, since we need the fellowship of a spiritual and magickal family to commit to a way of life that is as ancient as life itself. In The Witches’ Coven, you can work with the tools and enjoy the activities of fellowship, becoming one with the Goddess and God and all of Nature.