How to Create and Preserve Wealth that Lasts Generations

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How to Create and Preserve Wealth that Lasts Generations

Praveen Kumar & Prashant Kumar, Millian Quinteros


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Have you ever wondered why some people have all the time in the world to play golf, go on holidays and spend time with their loved ones whilst others struggle with two jobs and have no time or energy to enjoy life? Have you also read stories of lottery winners, rich and famous people who had all the money in the world only to lose it and become bankrupt?
We live in interesting times and this book will show you not only how to create wealth but also preserve it so that you and your loved ones can enjoy life with peace of mind. Most people want to become rich quick. The trick is to create sustainable wealth even if you are not rich. There is a huge difference in becoming rich and being wealthy. Once you understand the difference and embark on the journey of wealth creation life will never be the same again. This audio book will lead you to the Promised Land.