Wicca A to Z

Wicca A to Z

A Modern Witch's Encyclopedia

Gerina Dunwich


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An encyclopedic guide to the world of witchcraft from the author of Your Magickal Cat: Feline Magick, Lore, and Worship.
A must for the modern Wiccan’s library, this comprehensive resource explores the fascinating world of witchcraft from ancient legend to contemporary paganism. No aspect of Wicca is overlooked, with well over five hundred entries and numerous illustrations on the traditions, rituals, folklore, amulets and talismans, herbs and gemstones, and pagan goddesses of the Wiccan lifestyle. This unique encyclopedia is an excellent guide for all who are interested in goddess worship, folklore, the New Age, the occult sciences, and the Wiccan Craft as a positive spiritual path and way of life.