The Next Enlightenment

The Next Enlightenment

Reimagining Consciousness, Wealth, and the Future of Humanity

William Nanda Bissell, Rolando Montecalvo


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Do you feel that humanity is in crisis? We have all the tools to create a healthy, harmonious society. Advances in science, technology, management, human rights, and democratic governance have ushered in an era of unprecedented accomplishment and prosperity. They have given us the means to greatly reduce suffering from disease, poverty, and conflict. At the same time, the ideas and social covenants that brought us to this point seem unable to meet the challenges of our overpopulated, globalised world. Signs of dysfunction are all around us: racial, ethnic, and religious hatred seems to be on the rise; our natural environment is degrading rapidly; violence and mass migrations threaten stability everywhere; and the gap between rich and poor only grows larger. Meanwhile, our vaunted democratic ideals are in full retreat, unable to withstand the rise of divisive leaders and quasi-totalitarian governments. Our hard-won human rights and civil freedoms are being subverted by technologies and regimes that seek to control all human expression. And in much of the world loneliness, depression, drug abuse, and a profound sense of loss of purpose have become pervasive. How did we get here? The Next Enlightenment argues that most of humanity?s problems are the result of a limited level of consciousness ? an underdeveloped capacity for self-awareness that encourages utilitarian, self-centred behaviour while curbing our higher faculties. From this understanding it presents a compelling case for an alternative future based on the development of consciousness. It is both a political manifesto and a practical manual on how to create social conditions that will allow each of us to achieve our true purpose and script a new future for humanity.