Is it Soup yet?

Is it Soup yet?

A Parable View of the Refining Process of the Holy Spirit

Nina Sausman


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Following my Grandmother’s old recipe for homemade Chicken soup one day, I began to see similarities in each step to those of the refining process the Holy Spirit was doing in my own life. We, as Christians have been predestined to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. It’s a daily work of the Holy Spirit in us that brings it about. The process of dying to self and opening the way for Jesus to live life through us.

I have written this book for the Body of Christ, both those who are new in their faith walk and mature Christians, to encourage, teach and challenge them to open themselves up to the amazing work the Holy Spirit desires to do in our lives.

I have held this revelation in my heart for many years now. But as I look at our world and see the faces of so many who are desperately searching for something to fill the emptiness and loneliness in their hearts, I realize we have what they need in us, Jesus Christ. I believe that in such a time as this, it’s time for the Church, us, to show Jesus to the world as never before.

I have lived, and experienced the events of each page and hope and pray that as you read and study it, you will learn to look at your life’s experiences no longer as just coincidence and evil circumstances of this world but as Spiritual events in the Transformation process.


Nina Sausman:

Nina was born and grew up in the Youngstown, Ohio area. She now resides in Medina, Ohio with her husband Gary.  She has served her Savior and Lord, Jesus for many years and believes each day is a gift from God and lives it with joy and expectation. God has put His anointing on her to teach His word and mentor women which she does with the joy of the Lord. Her heart’s desire is to see the Body of Christ mature, measuring up to the fullness of Christ.