Parenting in the Digital Age

Wonsun Shin, May O Lwin


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Screen-obsessed: Parenting in the Digital Age is the first book solely focusing on parental supervision of children's media use. This book distills important information regarding how parents can effectively guide their offspring living in the multimedia environment. This book discusses an extensive range of theories, issues, and subjects of parental mediation. Readers will discover how parental mediation works, new and traditional theoretical facets, and how this knowledge can be applied in various settings pertinent to the family.

  • Introduction to Media and Children as Users of Media:
    • Introduction
    • Media: Overview
    • Children and Media
  • Parental Mediation Research, Theory, and Engagement:
    • Parents and Media
    • Parental Mediation: Overview
    • Determinants of Parental Mediation
  • Important Areas of Study:
    • Children's Exposure to Specific Content Risks and Parental Mediation
    • Digital Media and New Issues
    • Advertising
    • Parental Mediation and Culture
  • Social and Policy Initiatives, Implications, and Future Research:
    • Guidelines & Regulations
    • Resources & Initiatives from International Bodies & Governments
    • Resources Availed by Non-profits and Social Organizations
    • Conclusions and Future Considerations in Parental Mediation Research

Readership: Students in tertiary institutions, government policy makers and academics/researchers. Its exhaustive coverage is expected to provide a comprehensive picture of parental mediation research and evidence-based recommendations for educators and policy makers. Media;Multimedia;Children;Adolescents;Content Exposure;Parents;Parental Control;Socialization;Parental Mediation;Media Consumption;Advertising;Cyber Wellness;Child Online Safety;Online Safety0Key Features:
  • First book to provide detailed and focused discussions of parental mediation research and practice
  • Provides both theoretical knowledge of parental mediation and practical suggestions for effective parenting and policy making
  • Plugs the gap in terms of "how to" undertake effective parenting in age of new media