Take It Too Far

Take It Too Far

Abundant Life, Boundless Love, Unending Grace

Jess Connolly


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Jess speaks about this phrase as a mantra in her personal faith and relationships. Before her husband stands to preach, she always tells him to “take it too far.” When she is burned out on work and ministry, she reminds herself to “take it too far.” This motto of extravagant grace, wild love, and life-altering faith is one that we see readers resonating with and being excited by.

Take It Too Far is an energizing, inspiring devotional that perfectly fits both Jess’s brand and her audience. Her people are active and vocal in their faith. They attend conferences, volunteer in their communities, are leaders and servants in their church. The message of “Take it too far” is one that that has defined the season of life that Jess and her family are in, and could very well define the next season for many of her readers.


Jess Connolly:

Jess Connolly is a gal who wants to leave her generation more in awe of God that she found it. She is the author of Dance, Stand, Run and You Are the Girl for the Job, and coauthor of Wild and Free and Always Enough, Never Too Much. She is founder of Go + Tells Gals and helped start She Reads Truth. She and her husband planted Bright City Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where they live with their four children. She blogs at jessconnolly.com.