To Live as a Worshipper

To Live as a Worshipper

The Worship lifestyle journey. 30 Days of spending more time with God.

Jason Bryant


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Do you feel far away from God? Do you feel disconnected from Him? Do you need to develop a habit of connecting with God daily?

Well you are not alone, many feel this way daily as the Christian walk can sometimes be consumed by social media, jobs, and family duties. Studies show that a habit is formed within 21 days of consistency and this is the powerful core of the inspiring book, To Live as a Worshipper: The Worship lifestyle journey 30 days of spending more time with God. This book emerged from the heart of well-known worship leader, singer, songwriter and teacher Jason Bryant.

In this book, Jason breaks the unrealistic thoughts of worship and helps you build a strong lifestyle that is communing daily with God. If you desire a more authentic connection with God this Worship journey will help you develop that consistency by taking the journey you need toward a stronger relationship past the 21 habit forming days to 30 solid days.

Make no mistake, this journey will be life changing, but will require you to stay the course and connect with the one who desires to be with you.


Jason Bryant:

Jason Bryant, father, author, singer, song writer, and mentor, has led people in worship for over 15 years, facilitating worship seminars and counseling people on strengthening their relationship with God through a worship lifestyle.  His experience and passion for people has touched thousands. His music has blessed many with worldwide distributed songs, “Your Blood” and “Vertical Worship” and his love and passion for souls has made him a recognized and relevant voice in this generation.