Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

Mallory Borrelli


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A memoir from childhood neglect, emotional abuse, and a broken home to a teenage pregnancy. Difficulty in trusting others led to a battle of depression and uncertainty in where life was headed. The teenage pregnancy led to a difficult marriage filled with lies, affairs, drug involvement, and eventually a painful divorce. Growing up with a narcissistic mother and alcoholic father led to making difficult decisions with very little guidance. Shortly after the divorce I found myself involved in two more bad relationships with narcissists that took advantage of my empathy and robbed me. I lost my home, battled high debts, and my children lost their father due to drugs. Life seemed impossible. Tragic events took a toll on my mental and physical health. When the nightmares, depression, and anxiety consumed me I turned to therapy. I began taking prescription medications to help. The meds caused severe side effects that led to more poor choices. I contemplated working in a gentlemens club. I ended up in a relationship with my husbandÆs brother and quit eating for several months. My story is a reminder of how childhood trauma leads to the choices we make as adults, but there is hope. Without faith and prayer, I would have never made it out alive. God took my pain to use it for the greater good when I gave my life to him. He turned all of my mistakes and losses around to help me get where I am today in healthy relationships, with an education, and out of depression. You are never too far gone.


Mallory Borrelli:

Mallory is a single mother who graduated with her nursing degree. She had two kids at a young age, battled depression, and dealt with the grief of losing her children’s father to a drug overdose. Mallory overcame the psychological damage from childhood, abandonment issues, narcissistic abuse, and PTSD. She was able to break the cycle of events with her children and find healthy relationships. Mallory’s story is an example of how God can move through your life with faith, hope, and perseverance.