Rendered For More

Rendered For More

Regina Murden


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“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Being an orphan that is often banned from the social norms. Love is not a concept easily perceived. Yet, we find ourselves being orphans in life and not feeling a sense of belonging. We see little engagement from others that can be trusted and begin questioning ourselves the possibility of love. Taking a walk with God not knowing where it may lead you requires trust and being vulnerable to allow scars to be seen by many. We see as the story unfolds love leads to an unlock door that seems unfathomable. The fingerprints of the askew lines between trust and hate vanishes. When we see the main characters chooses to open their hearts to a love that is indescribable. We will see if they sell their heart for more

Esther, meaning star, rises the matter is she really is, or there was a master hand at play. Often judged by outer beauty. It’s the inner beauty within that positions the opportunity of a lifetime to not only be seen but reign.

While going through life feeling blacklisted. The temptation to wanting to do wrong is tamed by the pure fire than burns within the hearts for wanting more than this life has to offer. The mystery has been revealed that the women held confidential weapon possess inwardly to offset the outwardly demises. In the rendering finding purpose and a perception.


Regina Murden:

Regina Murden is an upcoming author. She founded Responsive. A community to reach the hearts of women in a community. She hopes that women will be encouraged and experience joy-filled moments in life. The book she written is called Rendered for More. Regina currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.