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Fodor's Essential Norway

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    • Brand-new destination guide with over 100 full-color photographs

    • Beautifully illustrated full-color features

    • 25 Ultimate Experiences gets travelers excited for their trip

    • Detail-packed planning sections (all about traveling by car, bus, and train) are handy, on-the-ground tools


Visually focused with more color and images including many full and half-page images throughout and color-coded category icons

    • Other useful features including Great Itineraries, Walking Tours, and a Calendar of Events, and Norway Today

    • “Travel Smart” (logistical planning tips section) at the front of the book and designed to be more infographic in feel

    • Stronger Voice and Opinions give all Fodor's guides more personality. Books are more friendly and conversational in tone, going beyond informational to being inspirational

    • There were a total of 33.3 million commercial overnight stays in 2017, which is more than ever before and an increase of 1% from the previous record-breaking year.

    • The number of international tourist arrivals at Norwegian hotels grew by 2% to 9.9 million, which is 221,744 more than in 2016.

    • Online product searches about Norway increased by 16% in 2017. There were 8.68 million tourism-related searches for Norway in 2017.

    • Searches from the USA have increased by 52% since 2015 (Source:

    • A considerable share of Norway’s tourists can be characterized as active rather than cultural tourists, and the vast majority come here to experience the landscape and take part in outdoor activities.

    • The typical tourist in Norway wants to have fun and experience fjords and mountains, but also to visit historical places, try local food and drink, and get to know the local way of life and culture.

    • Marketed on the Bloomberg Where to Go in 2019 list


    • Focused coverage on only the best places so travelers can make the most out of their limited time.

    • Carefully vetted recommendations for all types of establishments and price points.


    • Shortened reviews presented with brevity and focus.

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