The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

The Hidden Secret to Optimum Health for Women

Dr. Jordin Wiggins


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The Pink Canary is a book for all women who know that something is missing from their lives; who are tired of their doctor’s telling them that there is nothing wrong and it’s time to start another prescription. Dr. Jordin uses research, experience, cultural history and anecdotes to shed light on how we got here, and the real, actionable steps you can start today to: • Unlearn the dismal sexual health education of your childhood and relearn how your body works so that you can take control of your own pleasure • Adjust the beliefs about pleasure you may not even realize you carry that are holding you back from living a life filled with it • Listen to the warning signs and make change BEFORE the chronic illness and disease sets in • Save your relationships, careers, friendships and every part of your life that is affected by the pleasure void. This book is for you if you feel: lost or sad like you have no one to talk to like something is off with your body or health not as happy as you used to be uncomfortable in your own skin, like there is something wrong with you your relationship is failing you are not good enough indifferent if you ever have sex again By the end of The Pink Canary, you will have the knowledge to make real and lasting change to invite more pleasure into your life and the internal knowing that you deserve it.